This year your student will have "Homework" Every night. As many of you are familiar with, our 100 Book Challenge program requires 30 minutes of home reading each night. Please see that your student reads each evening for 30 minutes and sign their log after THEY fill it out with the title, level date, and number of pages read. Your student will also have math homework for you to review most nights. EVEN if they finish it in class it should still come home for you to review. The Saxon math book offers help with each problem by listing the lesson number (in parentheses) with each problem the student is asked to do. This will tell you where to find an example of the problem your student is struggling with.

Here are some sites to help you with your school projects and homework....

MDP Animal Exploration

Enchanted Learning Animal Diagrams

Animal Fact Sheets

Jackson Library

Homework Helper

Black History Timeline

Spelling Practice